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Many Cities in Mexico are now ready to adopt IoT Solutions.

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Connectivity for your Solutions.

LoRaWAN is a low-power, wide area network communication technology that is ideal for transmitting low data volumes and long distances. These characteristics make it a great enabler of IoT initiatives for any type of environment:

  • Tracking of Assets, People and Vehicles.
  • Telemetry for Utilities (Light, Water, Gas, etc).
  • SmartCities.
  • Agrobussines.
  • Security and Industrial.
  • And many more.

Meet our Showroom of solutions available for your project.


Secure / Safe

Encrypted Data Transmission, end to end, Carrier Grade.



Low Battery Consumption, available for longtime batteries.


Ultra-Low Cost

Aligned to any budget because its low cost.

Join the LoRaWAN Ecosystem in México.

Be part of the most important LoRaWAN community in Mexico of device providers, system integrators & users.


Let you know about our different devices from worldwide providers.


Allowing to integrate Electronics with our Platform.

Carrier Grade

Our network it's operating 24/7, 365 days at year.


Allowing the data integration process & transmission from Our Network Server through any API´s, Application, Webserver, etc.


We are able to offer our support in every step in your solution development.

Open Community

We are in constant research for the LoRaWAN advances Worldwide.

Check out our Coverage

We have strategic presence in the country, and increasing our coverage. Contact us for more info about availability in your interest area.

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Available Solutions

Visit our Showroom to explore many solutions.

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App 3


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Modalities of LoRaWAN Network for your project connectivity

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$Annual / payment

  • Aligned to
  • Quantity of messages
  • & Number of Devices Connected

Ready to solve any doubt about your project.

Let´s figure out your project together. Contact Us!

Roberto Palos

Chief Executive Officer

More than 20 years in the development of Software Solutions and Applied Systems. He has extensive experience in the Integration of Monitoring Projects and Implementation of Solutions that share specialized Software and Hardware.

Edgard Palomera

Chief Technology Officer

Expert in high-tech electronic design engineering services. He has developed more than 500 projects, mainly solutions for different global clients including embedded software and hardware development.

Rosendo Correa

Chief Operation Officer

More than 25 years in the deployment of Telecommunications and in the Operation of aligned Systems for said sector. Head of Operations and Network Infrastructure.

Ignacio Ríos

Chief Commercial Officer

With more than 12 years of marketing products and services with corporate and government clients. Mainly for technology products and startups.

David Sanchez

Deployment Manager

Responsible for Deployment and Expansion, with experience in the management of the network's own infrastructure, as well as in the implementation of strategic projects with third parties.

Visit our Showrooms for LoRaWAN Solutions.

LoRaWAN is a connectivity technology that allows many projects to become a reality.
Discover more than 50 solutions to solve your project connectivity.

Redwan Showroom

(CIIoT) Centro de Innovación, Desarrollo Tecnológico y Aplicaciones en IoT de Jalisco. Ciudad Creativa Digital - Torre A piso 1

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